ARTsas integration is completed!

The ARTronic Technical Service Management Platform (ARTsas) integration is completed. Which started in October 2017, has been completed with the intense efforts of our technical service team members and software consultant solution partner employees who are part of our investment plan "Brand Independent Technical Service and Maintenance".

Improvements on the same platform continue for our sales activities. This issue will be completed as soon as possible.

With this platform, planning, business referral and administration can be done online for all of our service personnel, the personnel will be assigned daily, weekly and monthly reports related to job assignment, closing the job, instant monitoring and completed works.

In addition, it is possible for our corporate customers to open and close calls to us and to monitor the machine parks on the map via the same system.

Please contact us at 0216 365 82 21 or project@artronic.com.tr to hear our solutions on "Brand Independent".