The ARTronic’s favorite UPS, the new ARTon Alfa and Beta Series

While celebrating its 23th anniversary in the industry, ARTronic constantly keeps in front side “Global Happiness" about the philosophy of quality products and human resources. It is always renewing its product range with a new generation of technology. ARTronic continues to offer the most suitable solutions for the price / performance. This year, it greets the new series of ARTon Alpha and ARTon Beta.

ARTronic’s new favorite of the UPS family product is ARTon Alpha Series. In short, it offers high efficiency, and 1 * true power factor of total lower cost of ownership by saving the electricity consumption through ownership. It has less power consumption in case you need the long backup time of up to 20A special charge. Automatically, the system regularly checks the battery thanks to programmable battery test to detect defective batteries. Thanks to its programmable output it supplies longer back up time to critical loads by switching off non-critical loads during power outage. 

The new ARTon Beta series offers optimum solutions for small loads with the most economical and powerful way. It provides  clean, reliable, nutritional and quality electricity to the loads. With  0.8 power factor,  USB and RS232 communication ports it supplies required data to users. It enables dry contacts for automation systems and also communicate over the internet. 

The new UPS products of ARTronic were exhibited first time in TURKMEN ENERGETIK Exhibition. New ARTon ALPHA and ARTon BETA UPS series have collected deep interest in the project by both companies as well as end users during the Exhibition.