AEG Protect Flex Industrial UPS

General Application Areas:

On-line double conversion UPS
with an internal modular design
Optional transformers (inbuilt or external cabinet) available to meet all types of voltage requirements as well as electrical isolation when needed

• Tailor made, highly flexible and reliable power protection suitable for difficult environments.

• Maximize savings in terms of footprint (m2), power installed (kVA), electrical system (cabling and protection devices), security (MTTR and MTBF) and most importantly, power management

(kW and cost).

• Scalable architecture reduces CAPEX and optimizes OPEX costs. The power modules use the latest IGBT technology with a low input THDi and almost unity input power factor, even when a low percentage of load is applied: no need for any additional power-consuming filter.

• Fast recharge time even with higher capacity: for long runtimes, the UPS can be installed with one (or more) optional 15 A battery charger.

Output PF up to unity and compatible with inductive or capacitive loads without derating
Ingress protection up to IP43

(more rugged environmental protection available upon request)
Integrated static and manual bypass lines Parallel capability up to 160 kVA

(4 x 40 kVA in parallel)**
7" color Touch Screen graphic
Connectivity options:
SNMP, Modbus, BACnet®
Phase configuration options: 1/1, 3/1 and 3/3

(group 0-1 according to IEC 60364-7-710) •
• Large set of functional options to meet all

* Conditions apply ** According to the UPS system configuration

specific requirements and challenging conditions


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