Our venture that started with Uninterrupted Power Supply manufacturing over 23 years ago has developed with the purpose of providing the better to our customers by following the advancements in our sector and always using the state-of-the-art.

During this course of time, we became the authorized distributor of world giants such as Huawei, AEG Power Solutions and Hoppacke in Turkey.

Today, we continue to provide our solutions and exports to more than 50 countries all around the world.

Our establishment philosophy, which we call "Global Happiness", is to ensure that our customers, business partners, employees and competitors, in short everyone who works with us or is affected by our work is happy, nature and environment are duly respected and that our business carries on to serve and contribute to the tomorrow of mankind.

We are ready for the future!

As ARTronic, today we have a presence of a supplier active in energy-infrastructure-contracting sector, not only providing UPS based package solutions for clean and uninterrupted energy required by organizations, but also providing projects that involve all infrastructure and superstructure elements as well as renewable energy with the support of our exclusive supplier partners around the world, with services in areas including air conditioning from medium-scale system rooms to large data centers and added value by turn-key delivery of all white area elements.

Both by training sales, after-sale and service personnel and as the official Service Distributor of these global brands, we successfully continue our mission to "provide efficient services and solutions" with an ever-expanding service range not only in all 81 provinces of Turkey, but also beyond the borders.

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ARTronic is the Authorized Distributor of Huawei Data Center, UPS, Air Conditioning and Solar Inverter Solutions.

Huawei is among the leading information and technology companies of the world with an endorsement of nearly 50 billion dollars. As ARTronic, we have been Huawei’s Authorized Distributor in Turkey since 2013 for Modular and Outdoor Container Data Center, UPS, Sensitive Air Conditioning and Solar Inverter subjects. Due to important projects we realized in such a short period of time, we have been rewarded by Huawei with "2013 Huawei Fastest Growing Distributor" and "2014 Huawei Best Distributor of the Year" awards. After inspecting that various conditions such as 24/7 uninterrupted service, on-site evaluation, repair and solution, self-established test laboratories, employment of sufficient number of engineers and technicians are systematically met, Huawei certified ARTronic in 2014 as a "5-Star Service Partner", the highest available certification of Huawei in the area of service.

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ARTronic is the Authorized Distributor of AEG Power Solutions GmbH in Turkey.

ARTronic is successfully carrying on as the Turkish Authorized Distributor of AEG Power Solutions GmbH, a company that has been active in the industry for more than 125 years. As an Authorized Distributor, we have been providing sales, technical service and spare parts services for AEG Uninterrupted Power Supply units, rectifiers, converter systems and power control units since 1999 in Turkey.


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