Application Scenarios
  1. Medium-large exchange room and data room
  2. Computer room and data center (IDC)
  3. High-tech environment and lab
  4. Industry control room and precision processing equipment room
  5. Standard test room and calibration center
  6. UPS and battery room
  7. Biochemical culturing room Hospital and test room
  1. EC fan: Sinking under floor, 30% energy saving than AC fan
  2. High efficiency heat transfer: Slotted blue hydrophilic fin, large surface heat exchanger, Heat exchange improves by 10%
  1. Modual design, mutual backup, If one circuit is faulty, the operation of the other circuit is not affected
  2. Group control: realizes an optimized alternative operation to avoid conflict within a multi-unit system, dynamically distributes cooling capacity and provides major control system backup
  1. 100% front access, supports side by side installation, Smallest footprint and smallest maintenance space in the industry
  2. Module design, eliminates brazing work for on-site unit disassembly, reduces the requirement on dimensions of elevator and doors
NetCol8000-C Air Cooled In-room Precision AC Click here to download the catalog
Series Name
1st Class Worknmanship
1st Class Material
Smart Fan System
Intelligent Charging Characteristics
Intelligent Charging Characteristics
Smart Fan System
Combo Feature/
Output Power Factor
Total Discharge
Duvara Asma Özelliği
Duvara Asma Özelliği
Ek Akü Kullanımı
EMC Uygunluğu
Estetik Dizayn
Faks/Modem/Tel Koruma
Gerçek Güç
Gerilim Gecikmesi
Input - Output
Giriş Gerilim Aralığı
Grafik LCD
Harici Akü Şarj Modülü
Control Signal
Usage Area
LCD Panel
MPPT Teknolojisi
On/Off Anahtarı
Otomatik Seçim
Ömür Beklentisi
Priz Sayısı
Redresör Çalışma Prensibi
Seçilebilir Akü Tipi
Seçilebilir Çalışma Aralığı
Seçilebilir Gerilim
Seçilebilir Şarj Akımı
Servis / Bakım Bypass'ı
Tasarım Topolojisi
Yazılım (Opsiyonel)
Yazılım (Standart)
Yüksek Verim