Fusion Module 800 Micro Data Center

General Application Areas:

Application Scenarios
1. Recommend 10 m2 DC room or bigger when cold aisle
2. Recommend 30 m2 DC room or smaller when hot aisle
3. Tier I or Tier II construction
4. Application in branch banks or their subsidiaries, education, medical, or public security organizations, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and retail merchandising
1. PDU, UPS, monitoring and air conditioner are integrated in a cabinet,preassembly, only need cabinet combination. Deployment time only need 4 hours
2. Mobile phone APP, SMS alarm, remote web platform control, Network centralized monitoring, realizing unattended operation
1. In-rack air conditioner, saving at least one cabinet installation space
2. Frequency conversion refrigeration, aisle containment, superior PUE 1.37
1. Dehumidifying at min. 10% IT load, solving the condensation risk at low-load and high humidity situation
2. Battery overheating intelligent shutdown to prevent the fire
3. Key component redundancy design, improving reliability of the system


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