HUAWEI 5000-A 200-800 kVA ONLINE UPS

General Application Areas:

High Reliability

Wide input voltage range that reduces battery usage: 305 ~ 485 VAC for 100% load, with 40%

   Voltage range varying linearly between 138 ~ 305VAC in 100% load range

Low Power Consumption

• With the 96% system efficiency it provides in online mode, UPS significantly reduces power consumption.

High Availability

• Thanks to its high power density of 300kVA per cabinet, it saves 50% space compared to traditional UPS.

Better load compatibility: up to 1 high output power factor and

   zero derating for capacitive and inductive loads with a power factor greater than 0.5

• Flexible battery configuration: The battery system, which can be changed between 30 and 40 units, has

   instead of replacing the entire battery system for a battery, it makes it sufficient to remove the faulty battery from the system.


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