Huawei UPS 2000-G UPS 1-20 kVA

General Application Areas:

High Reliability

  • 5kA lightning protection design on input port

  • 80-280 Vac wide input voltage range to minimize battery use: 280-176 Vac for 100% load; 176-80 Vac for 100%-40% load (derating linearly)

  • Failure alarm in advance for key components including bus capacitors, fans, and batteries

    Low TCO

  • High efficiency: up to 95% for 15/20 kVA; 94.5% for 10 kVA; 94% for 6 kVA

  • High power density of up to 20kVA/3U

  • High Availability

    Highly expandable design: up to 4 units paralleled together • Flexible battery configuration
    • Rack/tower convertible

    Intelligent Battery Management

    • Intelligent temperature compensation

    • Intelligent hibernation technology extending battery lifespan

    • Battery capacity estimation and health evaluation using self- learning technology

    • Easy Management

      • User friendly Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) that displays operation states in real time

      • Various communication interfaces including RS485, USB, dry contacts and SNMP

      • Web access using SSL


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