NetCol 8000-A(R407C Series)

General Application Areas:

Application Scenarios

  1. Medium-large exchange room and data room
  2. Computer room and data center (IDC)
  3. High-tech environment and lab
  4. Industry control room and precision processing equipment room
  5. Standard test room and calibration center
  6. UPS and battery room
  7. Biochemical culturing room Hospital and test room
  1. Energy-saving operation management: the control system can intelligently manage operating conditions for an optimum energy-saving performance, and can count and record the run time of major components. Both general operating status and non-energy-saving operation status (cooling + heating, cooling + humidification, etc.) are monitored and recorded. 
  2. Group control: realizes an optimized alternative operation to avoid conflict within a multi-unit system, dynamically distributes cooling capacity and provides major control system backup.
  1. Multiple system protections, including: compressor failure, insufficient airflow, high and low pressure protection of compressor, temperature/ humidity out of limit alarm, etc.. 
  2. Steel frame structure; built-in double layered composite panels with flameproof and sound muffling cotton insulation 
  3. High quality components: all are strictly tested under the most demanding conditions and certificated before adoption
  1. 100% front access, supports side by side installation, smallest maintenance space in the industry 
  2. The control system, featuring self-diagnosis and precaution functions, can provide pre-maintenance tips.


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