NetCol 8000-A(R410A Series)

General Application Areas:

Application Scenarios

  1.  Medium-large exchange room and data room
  2. Computer room and data center (IDC)
  3. High-tech environment and lab
  4. Industry control room and precision processing equipment room
  5. Standard test room and calibration center
  6. UPS and battery room
  7. Biochemical culturing room Hospital and test room
  1. Use efficient and environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant 
  2. Energy saving logic: For single unit, unique energy-saving mode, partialload EER increased by 26%; For multi units, avoids competitive operation, collaborated efficiency optimization algorithm; energy saving by 30%+
  1. Redundant design, mutual backup module, If one circuit is faulty, the operation of the other circuit is not affected 
  2. 6kV lightning protection function 
  3. Refrigerant leakage and anti-freeze protection: When refrigerant is leaked, unit automatically switched off, avoids freezing on evaporator
  1. Module design, eliminates brazing work for on-site unit disassembly, reduces the requirement on dimensions of elevator and doors
  2. Expert level fault management, clearly presents the cause of failure and maintenance countermeasure


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